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Frequently Asked Questions.

The main difference lies in investor accreditation and solicitation rules. 506(b) allows for a mix of accredited and a limited number of non-accredited investors without general solicitation, while 506(c) permits general solicitation but requires all investors to be accredited.

This means that once you complete your raise, only you will have access to the investors you've brought to the platform. They'll never be marketed any other opportunities by us. 

These offerings are meant only for high net-worth, accredited investors. That said, 506(b) does allow up to 35 non-accredited investors who are typically friends and family.

While we don't supply legal documents, we work with a wide network of top attorneys who can help you draft legal documents if needed. 

If you already have document prepared, the time required to upload an offering is less than 30 minutes. Our team will review and approve the offering within two business days.

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